Bimunica - helps to improve the immunity of children's skin

How are skin and immunity interrelated?

The skin is an important part of the innate and acquired immune system; indeed, it is that system’s first line of defense. It contains defensive cells that are the first to react to pathogenic microorganisms and allergens.

What affects the skin’s level of immunity?

The delicate skin of a newborn is very sensitive, as it has yet to be fully formed in the course of the baby’s development. Skin immunity directly depends on the microbiome, an ecosystem consisting of the microorganisms living on its surface. The microbiome is affected by many factors: environmental conditions, humidity, stress, and daily skincare.

Due to environmental degradation and the increasing number of irritators around us, the immunity of a baby’s delicate skin requires support more than ever.

In 2019, 17.5% to 30% of Russians suffered from various forms of allergic diseases according to the Russian Association of Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists.*

What happens if the skin’s immunity decreases?

The skin becomes sensitive and easily irritated or inflamed. Its inability to form an adequate immune response to exogenous irritants results in redness, rashes, and peeling. Chronic skin conditions can also arise. Atopic eczema is one of the common signs of impaired skin immunity.

How to boost your baby’s immunity?

Bimunica skincare products for babies support the natural immunity and health of a child’s skin. This is possible due to EOSIDIN™, a natural ingredient included in the entire product line.

EOSIDIN™ is a natural active ingredient. It is extracted from the unshiu tree found only on a UNESCO-protected island in Korea. It supports the natural immune resistance by enhancing the metabolic processes that increase the skin’s strength, elasticity, and protective properties. EOSIDIN™ stimulates skin immunomodifiers and improves its barrier function, allowing it to cope with allergens and irritators naturally.

What research has been done?

The effectiveness of EOSIDIN™ has been proven through clinical trials. According to the study, half of the subjects showed a decrease in their susceptibility to atopy, and 64% noted that their skin was more hydrated. EOSIDIN™ has already won three awards in the cosmetics industry, and its innovative mechanism of action has been scientifically confirmed.
* Source: Seité S, Taieb C, Lazic Strugar T, Lio P, Bobrova EE. Self-reported allergies in Russia and impact on skin. SAGE Open Med. 2020 Sep 12;8:2050312120957916. doi: 10.1177/2050312120957916. PMID: 32963784; PMCID: PMC7488871.