Packing a child's suitcase: what should you bring on vacation with your child?

Traveling with children can be very rewarding, however you will have certain responsibilities to think about. If you are heading to the seaside, there are a few things that you should consider taking with you to ensure you have a relaxing, positive experience. In this article, we will walk you through the process of packing a suitcase for a young traveler.


Even the smallest babies have some identifying papers. Take them with you when traveling. Pack them in a travel case or a special insulated folder.

First aid kit

Pack some essential medication for the road. You will thank yourself when you will avoid having to search for a 24/7 pharmacy, especially abroad (medicine can have different names in other countries). Here are some things you should have in your child's first aid kit:

  • antipyretics (painkillers)
  • antihistamines for your child's allergies
  • sorbents for dealing with toxicoses and food poisoning
  • cold drops
  • ointment for insect bites
  • panthenol for sunburns
  • a remedy for treating scrapes and wound
  • adhesive bandages
  • a thermometer or thermal stickers for measuring the child's temperature

Depending on your child's health conditions, you might also need ear drops (this is especially relevant if you're flying somewhere), teething gels, remedies for tummy pain or colic, and patches or pills for motion sickness.

For the road

Pack a separate carry-on bag if you're traveling by car, by train, or by plane. That bag should contain wipes (wet and dry), antibacterial gel for the baby's hands, and (if necessary) diapers and disposable wraps. Pack another set of clothes, too. Just in case.

Сonsider how to keep your child entertained and/or occupied while you're en route. Take some toys, books, stickers, pencils, and coloring books with you. If you need to occupy your child for an extended period of time, buy 5–10 toys new to your child. New toys are always more interesting to small children. If you use pacifiers, make sure to pack a couple extra.

Be sure to pack enough food and water for your child. If you are breastfeeding, bring a milksuit or a covering sheet. If you're giving your baby milk formula, take a couple of with you. Lifehack: in addition to water bottles, bring a thermal bottle with hot water. Mix them to prepare formula at the right temperature. This can be done even as the hot water cools.


Vacation clothes should be as comfortable and simple as possible. Lightweight natural fabrics are the best. The amount of clothes you should pack depends primarily on your child's tidiness and age. There are, however, some general recommendations. Take a warm top, a light jacket, soft sports pants, and pajamas with you. While the selection of footwear is highly context-dependent, you cannot go wrong with a pair of sneakers. Do not forget headgear: a baseball cap, a fishing hat.

A trip to the beach calls for two sets of bathing suits (trunks or a swimsuit) and special water-resistant footwear. There are plenty of options for swimming and sunbathing clothes such as special rashguards, bathing suits, and sun-proof T-shirts. Older children could wear sunglasses.

Hygiene and care

In theory, you should be able to get all the skin care products for your child at your destination. On the other hand, to ensure that there will not be an allergic reaction, you could pack products that your child’s skin is familiar with. We do not recommend getting travel-sized packages: your child will need to bathe a lot during your seaside vacation, you are going to need a fair amount of product.

In addition to cleaning gels, do not forget baby lotion to moisturize the skin, some cotton swabs and pads, a toothbrush and paste, child nail scissors, and sunscreen with a high SPF sunscreen.

The list of things your child might need can go on and on ad infinitum. When packing your travel bag, consider the age of your child, their preferences, locale of your vacation, and how you are get there. A bib, chamber pot, waterproof sheets, special dishes, a blanket, baby carriage, a high chair, a baby sling, a beach umbrella, an inflatable pool, and inflatable floats — the only limit is your imagination and your maximum baggage allowance. An important thing to remember is that carrying all those things around if you're not traveling in your own vehicle may prove challenging. It may be worthwhile to simply do away with a given item or rent it at your destination if possible.

Safe travels and enjoy your vacation!